Exclusive tuning for Mercedes automobiles since 1989

Elegant Mercdes Benz cars, powerful Carlsson engines, a motor-racing atmosphere. The latest technology in every automobile leaves Carlsson’s HQ in Germany. The Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH, was founded in 1989 and is located at Gut Wiesenhof, a manor house near the town of Merzig in Southwest Germany. The company name honours Swedish rally driver Ingvar Carlsson, who, together with Björn Waldegard and Walter Röhrl, made motor-racing history in the Mercedes Rally Team.

Gut Wiesenhof is first mentioned in the chronicles in 1835. Following the completion of his model farm, the original owner, Baron Constantin von Briesen, began to breed thoroughbred horses. Today, the historical outbuildings house Carlsson engine test benches, an electronics laboratory and– last but not least – powerful, Carlsson tuned Mercedes-Benz cars. A multifarious range that stretches from the A to the S Class.

Carlsson offers a wide range of performance and enhancement products for all Mercedes Benz automobiles and bespoke luxury solutions for Mercedes Benz CL, Mercedes Benz S-Class and Mercedes Benz GL.

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Andrew Ochudzawa – Diretor

Team RamSpeed